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At Desi Photographer we specialize in Indian wedding photography, providing the highest quality and best photography experience for Indian weddings in the tri-state area. Our main objective for capturing Indian weddings is to encapsulate everything that is authentic and traditional for all of our prospective clients. We know that no weddings (especially Indian weddings) are the same, so we make sure each Indian wedding photographer is providing a unique experience for every single wedding we shoot. For over ten years and spanning across both New York and New Jersey, we strive to reach as many clients as possible in the tri-state area.

At Desi Photographer we provide a vast array of services for our clients and strive to come up with the most creative options for our photographs. In order to supply a service for more than just one or two aspects, we cater to Indian weddings, receptions, engagements, pre-nuptials, and birthdays, along with fashion, iftar Ramadhan, eidl’l fitr, and unique concepts. Yes, our specialty is capturing any and everything that has to do with desi Indian weddings, but our portfolio stretches far beyond just weddings. We have vast experience in the art of capturing amazing photos and creating dynamic and unique scenarios for the subjects of each and every photograph. Given our wide experience at capturing so many different types of photos, we have been able to create a dynamic profile and gain experience in other genres. Because of our experience, we have been able to fine-tune our skills at capturing weddings, allowing us to really understand what looks amazing both behind and beyond the camera. Having such a vast profile also puts Desi Photographer above every competitor because we have a vigorous and well-rounded skill set that is unmatched! Also, at Desi Photographer we use the most up-to-day cameras and software to develop the most pristine pictures for our clients. We don’t settle for antiquated technologies or bad printing, meaning all of our clients can be assured to have everything they ever imagined when it comes to their special day or event.

Desi Photographer works first hand with their clients to help edit and catalog the best pictures for the photo album. Whether it is for an engagement session, wedding, birthday, or just a special event, Desi Photographer guarantees to assist every customer with the album of his or her special day. Given where we are located, for ten years we have been able to serve the tri-state area with ease and reliability. Our reputation in New York and New Jersey precedes us and we take pride in providing the best customer service possible to all of our prospective clients. In order to provide excellent customer service for our clients, we have made pricing, ordering, and contacting us easier than ever before. On our website we have provided a clear inquiries form for potential customers to submit any and all queries, and have also provided a direct phone number to contact us directly. We look forward to capturing every moment for you and experiencing every moment with you!


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Indian Wedding Photographer

Weddings are one of the most important events in an individual’s life as it signals the beginning of a lifelong commitment to family responsibility. Some weddings are quite simple. However, there are also weddings that are steeped in tradition that it can literally take days to celebrate. Indian weddings are great examples of these multi-day affairs. In such instances, only the best and most experienced Indian wedding photographer can truly immortalize the true essence of the celebration.

Wedding photography is a specialized art. And when it comes to capturing the very essence of a culturally-rich Indian wedding celebration, only an expert in Indian wedding photography can put into digital format the love story of the wedded couple.

Indian weddings in New York as well as New Jersey still follow the old traditions of their forebears. The ceremony will still be divided into a pre-wedding activity, the main wedding ceremony, and the post-wedding celebrations. In each of these parts, the NYC Indian wedding photographer must be very knowledgeable about the different traditions and customs of Indian weddings. He must be able to find the correct spot where to take the most meaningful picture of the couple and their respective families.

The Indian wedding photographer must be able to capture the Pandit’s leading of a prayer with the family members of the to-be-wedded couple so that they will be blessed with a happy married life. This is an important scene that needs to be captured in colorful images. Only an expert in Indian wedding photography knows the value of this particular Indian wedding custom.

The wedding costumes of the couple also make for a remarkable object of photography as the colors and patterns as well as other ornaments have various cultural meanings. Unfortunately, if the New York wedding photographer simply does not understand the meanings of these patterns, than the whole essence of the Indian wedding celebration is ultimately lost. It is for this reason that only a photographer that really specializes in Indian weddings with an excellent understanding of the different customs and traditions of Indian weddings have to right to take pictures of such solemn yet joyous occasions.

Indians living in both New York and New Jersey don’t have to really look very far when it comes to Indian wedding photography because there are now several photographers in both states that provide excellent Indian wedding photo coverage. From the tying of the Mangala Sutra to the performance of the Mangal Pheras and even to the execution of the Saptapadi, the Indian wedding photographer must be able to capture these rich traditions in film or in digital format so that couples can have something to look back to in the celebration of their wedding anniversary many decades into the future.

Because weddings are very important events for the family, it is imperative that only a qualified and truly experienced Indian wedding photographer be hired. Be it in New Jersey or New York or anywhere else in the country, this is a must.